Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Join the BBPPC!!!

Potty training is not for the impatient. A little motivation can help.

Download a printable sheet of clip-and-issue BBPPC cards.

If I have to explain the inestimable value of being a card-carrying potty trained human being, then you are certainly not as desperate for it as I was. Suffice it to say that by showing my card to Thing 1 (with MULTIPLE gold stars, and signed by none other than I.P. Frehley himself), he upped his game toot-sweet, which made the very competitive Thing 2 follow suit in short time. It's been a few years since my boys earned theirs but they still carry them proudly in their wallets.* As does Daddy, and that ain't gonna change for a long long time, if ever.

Now...what to do for Thing 3, the daughter...?

* If you have a child old enough to grab a toy or ask for one when you are in a store -- then you have a child old enough to own (and carry) a wallet. You will thank me if you give them one, I promise you.

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