Sunday, September 9, 2018

Patience St. Pim in the Adventure Time Finale Intro

My youngest son noticed this and I don't think anyone else online has mentioned it yet. Take a look at the opening shot from the finale intro. On the right, there's a multi-faceted icy sphere.

Adjust the levels a little bit and it becomes very familiar:

Clearly this is the self-containing time capsule of Patience St. Pim, last seen in the episode Skyhooks 2, suggesting she'll return in a thousand years (which adds up to the setting of the finale intro)!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Adventure Time Finale Celebration

The kids and I watched Adventure Time from the first trailer until the end last night. We marked the finale all weekend, to the point where I'm out sick with a backache and sleep loss! :) That's how you do it man.

Saturday we got the ingredients for a Time Sandwich (a.k.a. Jake Sandwich or the Greatest Sandwich Ever Made). All weekend we re-watched key episodes and went outside to craft homemade spears, bows, and arrows to use against some (quick-and-dirty) pink foam cutouts of the Lich and other villains.

An oozing mutant took the first hit directly in his mouth!

A Gnome Fairy got what was coming to him for blowing up old ladies.

The Lich, post-battle but before a spear broke him in two.

AMO before he was busted up.

We learned that you really really need to use a decent amount of bacon if you want to taste it in a pancake. I went cheap with crumbles. Live and learn. Basically they tasted like pancakes. But we had a blast making my mistake. Next time I'm going big.

I took some bacon and I put it in a pancake.

Gluten-free Finn cakes my daughter helped me make.

Jake's Ultimate Sandwich. Not bad at all.