Monday, May 6, 2013

Conan Montage Pt. 1

"Never show a work in progress"

The montage will be 18x24 and will focus on the Riddle of Steel from the 1982 Conan movie but will incorporate other elements from the genre. The illustrations will primarily be silhouette and simple b/w drawings. The finished product will have at least 10 quotes and over 30 elements and motifs:

Top left
Border: Conan's father's belt pattern. Text: "This you can trust" etc.

Bottom left
Border: Doom priest hood pattern + Lizard on a stick (fresh!) Text: "Time enough for the earth in the gave" Conan fighting wolves/cutaway of Atlantean tomb.

Top right
Border: Mother's tunic pattern. Text: "Crom laughs at your four winds"

Bottom right
Border: Runic text as from Father's Sword (But text will be Genghis Khan quote). Text: For us there is no spring" etc Inset: Subotai chained (Dinner for wolves)

Symbol of Doom + Wheel of Pain. Shape of snake heads are likely to change. Text overlay is the riddle of steel. In sun area of Doom symbol, Conan and children being led away from village. In moon area, King Osric quote re: a father's love.

Left tapestry: Endcaps of rod are 5-point pit fighter knives.

Right tapestry: Endcaps of rod are Wheel of Pain animal faces.

Axe on left, Thorgrim's hammer on right.

Wenches in 4 corners (clockwise from top left: belly dancer, captive princess, entranced Doom acolyte, ?

Wizard bottom left, elephant god bottom right. Tree of woe between top right and bottom right. Anvil of Crom between top left and bottom left. Above the Doom symbol I might add calligraphy or a horned helmet.

Here are some plans and studies made before starting.

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