Monday, May 6, 2013

Conan Montage Pt. 2 - The Anvil of Crom

I repeat: "Never show a work in progress!"

"The Anvil of Crom" was a piece of music composed for the 1982 Conan movie. Most likely it's the one you are thinking of right now, if you saw it. It inspired me to design some element for the montage.

At first I was thinking that the entire poster would be only calligraphy and silhouettes, and though an anvil does have an unmistakable shape, it's not that imposing by itself. So I tried to design something worthy of Crom.

The one above was what I'd settled on, as it echoes the mantra of flesh being stronger than steel. An idea for a hammer also came to me:

And I thought great, awesome, ready for ink. But then I got inspired by this incredible photograph:

And now my little anvil man looks a tad puny. Nevermind that in real life few men would be strong enough to lift it, this has to be an anvil worthy of Crom! So now I'm thinking something more like this:

Except that will be a difficult thing to simplify into the very plain sort of shapes I had in mind for this montage.

What to do, what to do.

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