Monday, May 20, 2013

Conan Montage pt.6

The little drawings in the poster are simple by themselves but collectively should add up to a neat poster, I hope. I'm taking liberties mixing quotes with visual elements, and at first they might not make sense together. The finished product should bring it all home.

The Tree of Woe

Wheel of Pain Necklace

Studies for Conan as King. 
Too many details in the first one but my wife digs it. ;)

The layout of the second one is shamelessly ripped off from Patricia Smith.


  1. Hello! I 'm looking for a drawing of the wheel of pain for a tattoo. I like the picture above, but I do not understand the symbols displayed . Can you explain me, please?

  2. Thanks. They are characters reading "Do the gods owe you any favors?" Which is the question Valeria asked Akiro after rescuing Conan from the tree of woe. The quote doesn't necessarily go with the wheel of pain.