Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween Countdown Day 14: Jack O'Lantern Rings


If you ever shopped around for a jack o'lantern ring that has a bit more mass and style than a pumpkin stuck onto a band, then you know the options are limited. Short of having one custom made, which is pricey, here's a roundup of what I've found online.

Monkey Edge produces what they call a puncher size (2 oz.) silver ring. This one has more character than your average design.

Sterling Assault has one that is a respectable classic, available in multiple metals, with large and small varieties.

Ross Simons has a sort of elegant looking band that's 14kt gold, if that's your thing. Currently sold out.

Artifactoria has two somewhat Burtonesque options: one with bat wings and a very solid looking one, both in silver or brass.

AFJewelryStudio is an Etsy shop with this nice ring, a bit more petite, but also kind of Tim Burton-influenced.

UnevenCreations has this one which at first I mistook for a napkin holder. On the right hand though, not bad. And like the other rings here I like that they considered the entire ring in the design.

Jewelrywax has one that is a little more like a biker ring, and looks awesome. Limited supply.

Honorable mention goes to ShyamJewlesjewelley (sic) with this wood-grain skull ring, almost pumpkiny and pretty cool.

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